Click here to download ECS Mandate form

Electronic Clearance Scheme (ECS)

BSNL  NE-I Circle in association with State Bank of India offers this highly customer-friendly scheme for payment of your telephone bills.

Join the ECS of BSNL  NE-I Circle. Give a mandate to us to debit telephone bills to your account.

The bank will debit the bill on or around your bill due-date at no extra charge by BSNL or the Bank.

The bill will be sent to you for record endorsed “ECS OPTEES NEED NOT PAY THE BILLS AT COUNTERS”.

If you have any query or doubt you can give Stop Payment Advice to AO(TR)  % the GMTD.


Discount to ECS Customers:

Discount @ 1% (one percent) of the billed amount (exclusive of service tax) will be admissible to ECS subscribers

subject to a maximum of Rs.1000.00 (Rs.One Thousand Only) per bill w.e.f.  01.06.2003.

This discount shall not be extended to telephones included in any other discount scheme like Corporate Account Holder Scheme (Bill Bouquet).




ECS is now more secure. You will have an option to allow ECS deduction only for bills of amount upto Rs.5000 /- , Rs.2000/- or Rs.1000/- .

If a bill amount exceeds Rs.5000/- , Rs.2000/- or Rs.1000/- (as per option), the amount will not be automatically deducted from your bank account.

You have to pay it through other available channels.

If you think that your bills will not generally exceed Rs.5000/-, Rs.2000/- or Rs.1000/- (as the case may mode), this is an ideal scheme for you.

To know, always use our Customer care  1500 or 1660 bill information facility. It is free.


Once you are ECS registered customer, you will have a dedicated Customer Service Centre to answer any question you may have.

For detail please contact : 1500/1660/2206555


                        SAVE TIME, MONEY & EFFORT :



Frequently Asked Questions About ECS:


Q1. What is Electronic Clearance Scheme (ECS)?

BSNL NE-I Circle in association with State Bank of India offers this highly Customer-Friendly scheme for payment of your telephone bills.

It is a scheme for collecting your phone bill dues directly from your savings/current bank account. It is totally free of any hassles.


Q2. Where do I get the ECS Mandate form?

Click here to download ECS Mandate form.


ECS Mandate Form also available at all Bill Collection & Customer Service Centres of BSNL. You may contact telephone number 1660/2206555 for ECS mandate form.

We will send the ECS form by post.


Q3. How do I join the ECS scheme?

You have to fill up the ‘Mandate Form’ (in duplicate) and submit along with a photocopy of your cheque leaf in AO(TR) office or Customer Service Centre.


Q4. After joining the ECS do I continue to receive my phone bills?

Oh, Yes. You will continue to receive the Bills as before. It will, however, contain a specific message that “ECS OPTEES NEED NOT PAY THE BILLS AT COUNTERS”.


Q5. When actually the phone bill amount will be debited from my bank A/C?

It will be debited from your account within 4-5 working days starting ‘Due Date’ of your bill. For ascertaining your ‘Due Date’ please dial 1500/1660.


Q6. Any extra charge to be paid for joining the ECS?

This scheme is entirely free of charge.


Q7. What do I do if I find that my phone bill is too high?

In case of Excess Billing complaint received at least 8 days prior to due date, provisional bill will be issued to eligible subscribers and the revised amount will only be debited to your account.

      You can also request AO(TR) to not to debit any amount from your account till the Excess Metering Complaint is settled.


Q8. Which of my phone lines should I try first with ECS?

Make a beginning. Put all your STD barred phone lines under ECS. The benefits of ECS are tremendous. Bill for a STD barred line cannot ever be an astronomical figure. There is no point wasting time standing in queue for paying a phone bill of petty amount.


Q9. PCO/VPT franchisees may also opt for payment through ECS.