List  of members of Sexual harassment Committee:

             1. Smt. Ruma Paul,                        CAO(CMTS & TR),GMTD,Shillong                  Chairperson

             2. Smt. R.S.Langstieh                     JAO (W/E), GMTD,Shillong                          Member

             3. Shri J.T. Rapthap                       SDE(HR),GMTD,Shillong                               Member

             4. Smt.D.Yatbon                           AGM (FNP), Circle office, Shillong                  Member

             5. Dr (Mrs) Natalie,West Kharkongor Prof & head of centre RGIIM,Shillong           External Member



NE-I Circle Staff Welfare Schemes:

            1.Merit Incentive:- Incentive for meritorious students in the class/board/university exam.

            2.Book Award:- Grant of Book Award is given to the outstanding school  going children upto class XII of the BSNL employees whose

                pay scale is upto Rs.12,750/-(CDA pay-scale) corresponding to Rs.17,600/- (IDA pay-scale).

            3. Scholarship:- Scholarship is awarded to the wards of the BSNL employees for continuing technical and non-technical studies.

            4.Financial assistance to handicapped/mentally retarded children of employees of BSNL for transport/hostel subsidy:-

                Handicapped/mentally retarded children of the employees of BSNL studying in recognized school and colleges are granted

                financial assistance as transport charges/hostel subsidy.

             5.Financial assistance in case of death:- In case of death of an employee while in service, irrespective of the fact whether regular,

                temporary or a daily wager, financial assistance is granted to the dependents of the deceased employee as immediate relief which is non refundable.

             6.Financial assistance in case of serious illness or Major operation:- If an employee or any dependent member of his family is suffering from a

                serious disease like heart ailment, kidney failure, cancer etc., or undergoing any major operation, financial assistance is given from the

                welfare fund as per the recommendation of the Corporate office.  

             7.Financial assistance to employees on leave due to prolonged illness:- Employees who are suffering from prolonged illness on account

                of any serious disease and remain on leave without pay or on half pay are granted financial assistance as per the recommendation of the Corporate office. 

             8.Financial assistance to victims of natural calamities/communal riots/terrorists attack:- Employees affected by natural calamities like flood, cyclone,

                 earthquake etc. or by communal riots or terrorists attack may be granted financial assistance as per the recommendation of the Corporate office. 

             9. Grant-In-Aid to recreation Clubs :- Grants are given from the welfare fund for setting up recreation clubs in the offices and also recurring grant

                every year towards their activities.

            10.Transport subsidy for excursion trip:- Excursion trips organized by welfare & Sports section or Recreation club for the benefit of the staff are

                 granted transport subsidy. 75% of the cost of journey undertaken by road are given as a transport subsidy.  All the above schemes are available to

                 the employees whose basic pay is  Rs. 12750/-per month (in CDA scale) and Rs.17600/- per month (in IDA scale).




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